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Producing lamp designs for interior retail spaces in Bangkok.

The situationĀ 

During one of my internship in Tokyo, the office was doing a large commercial retail building in Bangkok, the spaces in between the shops were filled with seatings and relaxing spaces, with the goal of giving this commercial area a home, cosy, inviting feeling. The office decided to developp their own lamp designs for these spaces. I was responsible of coming up with a table lamp design that would fit in such a public commercial space but at the same time would give this very cosy home feeling.

The proposal

The design is composed of 3 simple elements, a base, a rod, and a globe. To add playfulness and to avoid boring repetition we could vary these 3 elements in size and shape. The globe shape fits both in commercial or housing spaces. We chose warm colours for the elements in order to fit perfectly with the wooden flooring, furnitures and the warm atmosphere that was intended for these spaces.