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Who is Alexandre Bron ? 

I’m a 23 years old French and Swiss designer. I was initially educated at the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, in Switzerland and then moved to Tokyo to work for some of the world-renowned Japanese architects such as Shigeru Ban or Kengo Kuma.

With interests such as music, visual art, industrial design and performing arts, living in Tokyo has nourrished and broadened my understanding of the artistic world and built environment.

My initial approach to architecture comes from a rather political point of view, fed by years of french education, where culturally the interest to politics is from a very young age.

During my bachelor’s studies I have been able to explore thematics such as the panopticon, with a study of Michel Foucault, then getting more architectural and urban under the supervision of Dominique Perrault, studying the potentialities of the underground. And finally, completing my bachelor thesis with a strong social approach to architecture, analyzing the social housing examples of 20th century Northern Europe.

In addition to this theoritical approach I got a hands-on experience, learning wood construction and the art of the Japanese saw at the start of my studies, by directly building my first architecture project. Furthermore, model-making always was an important part of my development process, and of course I got the opportunity to really master model-making skills during my work experiences in Japan.


I am open to inquiries or unsollicited commissions, please feel free to contact me.