Depicting a tower for the Paris 2024 Olympics.

The situation 

During a 3 days workshop at Dominique Perrault’s office in Paris we were presented his olympic village project for the 2024 edition in Paris. We were given parts of his project located in Seine-Saint Denis (north of Paris, by the river Seine) and had to propose our vision of it. I personally worked on a multi-function tower projected for the north of the site. The goal of this workshop was to establish a project in collaboration with environmental engineering and civil engineering students.

The proposal

Collaborating with students from other specialties we developed a tower that would unveil and highlight the technical aspects of the building. Being placed right next to the Seine we directly connected our tower to it and put a focus on the use of water. The technical aspects appeared as pipes which included ventilation, used water, clean water and drained water from the Seine for hydrothermal heat pump. To enhance the space play created with the pipes we applied various displacements to the slabs of the tower creating balconies.