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Hockney 2.0

Studying and re-interpreting a David Hockney painting.

The situation 

For this course we were given a random famous painting which represented a space with characters in it. The objective was to produce two images, a «reconstruction» of the painting, with the perspective corrected and the characters deleted and a «deconstruction» where we could make our own image in relation to the first one, it could range from simply changing it to a night scene or to changing the point of view or to even just change the decor and furniture. To achieve this we used 2 techniques, model photos and 3D renderings, combining them to create the images.

The proposal

We used only one technique per image, which means we did the reconstruction image (on the left) with only a model photo, and the deconstruction (on the right) only with a 3d rendering. Our goal was to obtain the closest graphical style possible between the two so that at first glance you can’t distinguish which one is the photo and which one is the rendering. For the deconstruction we took the opposite symmetrical point of view from the room we can see across the door. This way we can create a similar image composition allowing us to play with the symmetry of furniture and colours.

In collaboration with Arnaud Pasche